The Company

In the Northwest of Russia there is a mysterious land – Karelia. The treasury of cultural heritage of native peoples living in this wonderful Republic (Russians, Karelians, Vepses and Finns) is inexhaustible. Northern Land soul is in the sounds of strings of kantele, which is a symbol of Karelian art. The Karelian National Song and Dance Ensemble “Kantele”, which was founded in 1936, was named after this ancient folk instrument. The first ensemble director was a poet, composer and folklorist Victor Gudkov. Today “Kantele” is a professional collective with the rich history and traditions.

“Kantele” is a symbol of Karelian national musical and stage tradition. The artists of the ensemble are professional musicians. The company:

- unique instrumental ensemble, which includes kantele group, the ensemble of ancient national instruments, violin, clarinet, bass and percussion

- dance group with original style, which designated the language of the Karelian professional choreography folk line  

- female vocal group “Aino”, which keeps a rich song repertoire in Russian, Karelian, Vepsian, Finnish.